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  • Find Out About Your Future with a Numerology Calculator

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    Would you love to use an ancient tool for discovering what your life path has in store for you? Would you like your future child to be an artist or a poet? Then, you will want to use a numerology calculator.

    Use a Numerology Calculator to learn about your future

     What is Numerology?

    Numerology is an ancient art of basing numerical data on future tendencies. While it is not meant to

    predict anyone’s future, it does help point a person to a general understanding of what their future may hold based on birth date and name data.

    Numerology is a process where you take a birth date or a name and derive a single digit. This number is what indicates what path in life a person is best suited to. It also indicates what struggles, strengths or weaknesses a person might have.

    Types of Calculators

    When looking online for a numerology calculator, there are two types to choose from. One type is Pythagorean and the other, Chaldean. Pythagorean numbers are used one through nine. Chaldean numerology only uses one through eight.

    You need to use a numerology calculator to find out what single digit applies to your name or birthday. This information is then used to discern more about you and your future. For instance, if you want to find out your life path number, you would get it by adding your birth date numbers together to come up with a single number.

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    You then use a resource that will tell you what that means. These tools can be found and used for free online. You could also hire a numerologist to help but it is possible to learn to do basic numerology yourself.

    Full Numerology Reports

    You can get a full numerology report done by a numerologist. Find out about your expression number, personality and soul urge numbers. These allow you to delve deeper into who you are and where you should go in life. It also lets you know challenges in life.

    You may want to do this for a future child. Find out what an auspicious name is for a child, for example. You can also find out what number a particular date is so that you can set the ideal wedding day for a happy future.


    Using this information can be fun and entertaining. You should realize that you have the freedom to do what you want with your life but the ironies you find as you explore this ancient art can sometimes be startling. Find out more about a partner by looking up their life path or expression number. It can give you more information on how to enjoy each other and balance out any of each others weaknesses.

    Start today to learn how to do this ancient art by making use of a free tool. These calculators show you which numbers correspond to all the letters in the English alphabet. You do the calculations and then get a single number. With that number, you can find out more and delve into who you and your partner really are. If you are single it is a good tool for finding out which numbers are best for your compatibility.