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  • Is There A Documentary About Bitcoin That Explains Cryptocurrency?

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    Is There A Documentary About Bitcoin That Explains Everything?

    Imagine a world without money. Without banks that charged you when you visited an ATM. A world where you would simply not be charged interest – in fact, a world where there would be no loans. A world where the government could not see how much money you made or how much money you spend – and most importantly could not tax you on your income. Take a break from your mundane job and enjoy a fun documentary about bitcoin that will peak your interest for the financial future of tomorrow.

    That is what the virtual or ‘cryptocurrency’ Bitcoin promises.

    However – for those people who spend much of their time on the Internet – either for business purposes or simply in their free time the idea of investing in Bitcoin can become a little confusing.

    The reason behind this is relatively simple – Bitcoin has become one of the hottest financial instruments that any individual or company has ever got their hands on – at least within the last century. Numerous production companies showcase this fact about Bitcoin in their movies and documentaries.

    Users of social media will see advertisements and films from companies that offer services that will allow them to jump on the Bitcoin wagon and make themselves a fortune almost overnight.

    But is this type of investment a sure-fire bet for those who want to retire as millionaires in the shortest time possible?

    Like most things investment related an examination of the fundamentals is a great way to start a decision-making process and watching an information packed documentary about bitcoin whether it is in a theatre, Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube is a stupendous first step towards learning.

    Firstly Bitcoin has spiked in value almost up to extraordinary heights. It has exhibited a growth in value that is almost unparalleled. For those who got in on the ground floor, they are almost literally rolling in money. But that’s virtual money. The problem is now becoming apparent – to change Bitcoin to real-world currency is becoming increasingly difficult. The Bitcoin exchanges simply do not have the cash to buy those coins. In these cryptocurrency documentaries you will learn that they might have had that money in the past – but now that Bitcoin has appreciated so rapidly they simply do not have it anymore.

    So they have changed themselves into markets where they put buyers and sellers into contact with each other – but there’s a problem. There are simply not that many buyers who have the money to buy Bitcoins anymore.

    For those who are holding Bitcoins it has become increasingly obvious that they are holding something of massive value – but how does that value translate into real-world returns?

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    The problem with a virtual currency is that it is by definition virtual. It is divorced completely from the real world. Although Bitcoin was accepted by many luxury goods manufacturers when it was first launched and gained traction that has now faded into the sunset.

    Early adopters of Bitcoin are now sitting with a valuable asset that no one seems to want – and that is a huge problem for lovers of the idea of a cryptocurrency.

    For those want to learn more there are numerous documentaries about how this form of currency will remake our financial system (a complete list here) – however, it is now becoming increasingly apparent that no matter how good the idea is – it still needs to become something that can actually be used in the real world.