Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018 to high praise. Instead of a complete overhaul, Samsung decided to largely refine the advancements in design and technology that they managed to cram into its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus managed to pull off an excellent overall package. Below, we will be going over some of the main things that make the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus stand out in today’s crowded smartphone market.

Entertain and have fun with the Samsung Galaxy S9

What Makes The Samsung Galaxy S9 Stand Out:

1. Design and Display.

The main things that you will likely notice about the S9 Plus are the design and the display they use on the phone. The Plus model features a brilliant 6.2-inch Infinity Display which is better than ever. Not only is it a Super AMOLED display, but they reinforced it with Gorilla Glass 5 which allows for excellent durability. Along with this, the bezels have been blacked out in order to effectively conceal the iris sensor that is built into the top bezel. The device comes in a variety of colors offering a good amount of choice.

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2. Slo-Motion Camera Features.

You will not be able to find better slow-motion camera features in any other phone on the market. Samsung decided to offer this unique feature for users to be able to capture detailed moments that you would normally miss due to them happening so fast. It is capable of recording slow-motion videos at up to 960 frames per second. This means that it is capable of recording videos 4x slower than any other option on the market.

3. Extremely Good Low Light Capturing.

Another excellent area where Samsung managed to cram even more performance out of is in its low light photography capabilities. This particular model features an F2.4 aperture lens along with an F1.5 which happens to be the single brightest currently available on a smartphone.

4. Stereo Speakers.

Another significant feature that you will be able to get with this model is stereo speakers. Its the previous iteration did not have stereo speakers and it was one of the most asked for features from even the most hardcore Samsung fans. This particular model comes with stereo speakers which makes it much easier to listen to content without headphones and to immerse yourself in the sound with Samsung’s AKG-tuned speakers.

5. Dual Camera.

Another excellent feature that makes it stand out would be its dual camera implementation. It features 2 distinct 12MP cameras that you will be able to use to gain more creative control over your photos and even to adjust the depth of field throughout your photoshoots.

Overall, there are so many different things that Samsung did right with their latest iteration of the Galaxy S series. It takes what they managed to do right with the S8 iteration and completely refined it to make it even better than ever. It is a very refined iteration more than a redefined version which is likely what people want from Samsung given how well received the Samsung Galaxy S8 series was.

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